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UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines is top rated Philippines Medical college for Indian students looking to study Abroad.

The University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine is an ideal choice for students looking to study MBBS Abroad. The UV Gullas College of Medicine is referred to as the best Philippines Medical College for offering top-quality medical education. The college is accredited by NMC, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE, etc., and from other major medical bodies across the world. The college follows the most advanced syllabus and has a high score record.

UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking has attracted most International medical aspirants seeking to study MBBS abroad to choose this Philippines Medical College

UV Gullas College of Medicine remains the first choice for International students looking for quality medical education abroad. Every year, thousands of students around the globe come to the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines to pursue their goal of becoming well-established doctors. Situated in Cebu City of the Philippines, the UV Gullas Medical College offers the best medical education to international students at an affordable tuition fee.

The Philippines Medical College has been performing outstandingly amongst most other colleges in the country. Students who have graduated from the UV Gullas College of Medicine have a higher success rate in the USMLE exam in the US and FMGE exams in India.

Students from India, especially south India come to the Philippines for higher studies. The facilities provided at the UV Gullas College of Medicine attract Indian students a lot. As the college already has an impressive number of Indian students. The college also provides Indian food and has a welcoming gesture for the Indian students.

UV Gullas College of Medicine admissions for the academic year 2024 - 2025 are open for International students. Every year the number of Indian students applying to the Gullas College of Medicine has been increasing significantly as the FMGE success rate is much higher than that of any other medical college approved by the National Medical Commission (NMC). The college has proved from time to time as the best medical college in the Philippines. UVGCM has become the top choice for Indian medical aspirants among NMC approved Philippines Medical colleges.

The latest information from National Medical Council confirms that students who graduated from the UV Gullas College of Medicine have scored the highest in the NMC screening tests. M.D. (Specialist of Medicine) graduates from the UV Gullas College of Medicine clear the NMC screening test with the highest pass percentage. The college takes high responsibility in administration and student welfare towards better healthcare.

UV Gullas Medical College provides elite clinical training by offering cutting-edge technology and posh lodging facilities. The hostel accommodation is available within campus premises for International students. CCTV surveillance is installed for safety purposes. The Office of the International Student Unit is available 24x7 for assistance and guidance to every individual student.

These facilities have attracted medical aspirants from countries like India, Thailand, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Nepal, Japan, and the United States. Students enjoy and cherish their stay for studying MBBS in the Philippines from UV Gullas College of Medicine.

University of Visayas - 100 years of leadership in education

Indian students celebrating 100 years ceremony in cebu city

At the University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine, we educate graduates to achieve and lead in their respective communities, states, and country.
We are committed to providing high-quality medical education to young minds.

The University of Visayas was established in 1919 in the Cebu city of the Philippines by Dr. Don Vicente Gullas. Dr. Gullas was known for introducing innovation in education. He also introduced the system of study-now-pay-later schemes to help students. In 1948, the Visayan Institute was granted University status, the institute was the first to turn into a University in Cebu and later was renamed the University of the Visayas (UV). From a mere list of 37 students when it was established, the University has grown into a foundation with an expected enlistment of more than 25,000 students in all through its grounds. Throughout the long term of 100 years, the University has proudly delivered board test top scorers and recognized graduates who have been successful in their chosen fields.

The university has many colleges working under its affiliation. One such medical college is the UV Gullas College of Medicine.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines has attracted the most international students. Many International Education experts in various Philippines medical colleges prescribe UV Gullas College of Medicine to their companions and family members. As medical instruction offered in UV Gullas College of Medicine is best compared to any other medical institute in the Philippines.

The world ranking of UV Gullas College of Medicine impacted most Philippines medical colleges and tempted them to follow a similar pattern of education. The UV Gullas Medical College ranking remains in 3rd position among various medical colleges accepting International students.

UV Gullas Medical College - Campus

At present, the UV Gullas Medical College has grown into an eight-campus with a province-wide system of higher education and much lower-level laboratory institutes. There are two campuses in Cebu City, the main University campus is in the downtown Cebu City area and a laboratory high institute is established in the Pardo area. The main campus in Cebu City is a six-story building including a gymnasium, occupying almost one city block by the Colon, D. Jakosalem, and Sanciangko Streets. The College of Dentistry and Nursing is located at Banilad, in Mandaue City.

Highlights of UV Gullas Medical College

A good environment makes it easier to study. Top medical colleges in the Philippines offer medical guidance under research doctors and surgeons. Here are some additional benefits that come along with your studies in this country:

  • High-Quality Education: Medical colleges in the Philippines offer the perfect mix of technology and knowledge. The classrooms are equipped with digital tools, laboratories have advanced instruments, and the college library having thousands of books is open for all.
  • US-based syllabus: The US Medical syllabus concentrates more on hands-on experience in clinical training. The advanced syllabus is known to set the benchmark high. Thus, medical colleges in the Philippines offer the same standard of education at a comparatively lower cost.
  • No Donations required: The Philippines medical colleges follow a No Donation rule. You do not have to spend a penny on donations like other countries. There has been a record of high donations in India, US, China and other countries for medical seats. Thus, this college saves your bank balance from draining.
  • Affordable tuition fee:  The Philippines is the most cost-friendly place to pursue medical education. Choosing higher education here gets you a higher ROI. Every year thousands of students land here to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.
  •  Ease of Communication:   The Philippines is a country with somewhat American accents, so it becomes easier for international students. Almost 95% of the people in the Philippines speak good English. The subjects in institutes are conducted in the English language which is an added advantage for international students.
  • Better learning Environment: The Philippines Medical College has created a better way to maintain a great relationship with parents by keeping them updated with their wards’ education and well being. The college also enhances the learning environment by educating the students with the latest happenings in the field of medicine. The education system is defined such a way that students gain better practical exposure rather than only cramming theoretical knowledge.
  • In-campus Hostel Facilities: The Philippines medical colleges offer secured in-campus separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels have 24x7 CCTV surveillance for safety purposes. High-speed internet service is also available for students to have a comfortable stay.
  • Favorable Climate:  This place is blessed with scenic beauty. The Philippines has a tropical climate. This particularly favors Indian students to examine patients with vector-borne diseases similar to India.
  • Golden Gateway to Developed Countries:  The Philippines follows US-based curricula, so students seeking a career in developed countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. get higher chances of a postgraduate seat for medicine in these countries. Cracking the USMLE exam becomes smooth for students choosing the US.

Top ranking Philippines Medical College

Students in UV Gullas Medical College
Indian Students in UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus

College ranking is a vital factor for choosing colleges to study. In this regard, the medical colleges of the Philippines have successfully maintained a standard. The UV Gullas College of Medicine has ranked 3rd among the top medical colleges of the Philippines. The college also secured a rank of 7,244 in the world rankings.

The college offers a quality education that helps to maintain its ranking ahead of other medical colleges. Students all around the globe get attracted to the UV Gullas Medical college as it offers top-notch medical education at a reasonable tuition fee. The medical college is racing towards the top position amongst the Philippines medical colleges accepting international students.

UV Gullas College of Medicine approvals and recognitions 

Medical recognitions are required to be accredited by major medical associations. The accreditation and recognition are the validity of the facilities available. It also signifies the kind of education provided. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines has received approval and recognition from top medical associations worldwide. The medical degrees offered by UV Gullas College of Medicine are duly recognized by:

Infrastructural Advantages of the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines

The UV Gullas Medical College offers the best and world-class infrastructure to medical students. A better and more comfortable environment facilitates the learning experience. The college leaves no stone unturned in providing students with the best facilities available.

Let's have a brief look at the advantages of studying at the UV Gullas College of Medicine:

Modern Classrooms:

UVGCM has modern academic facilities including well-lit, spacious airconditioned digital classrooms facilitated with standard seating arrangements supported with art audiovisual aids. To enhance the learning experience, every classroom has 3D projection software to visualize and understand the complex processes in the field of medicine.

Every department has museums along with advanced laboratories about respective subjects which are curated and cataloged so that students can utilize them for self-directed learning. Gullas College of Medicine has its own teaching hospital with world-class infrastructure, advanced and latest medical equipment, and experienced faculties. Every international student is also exposed to primary and secondary healthcare through outreach facilities.

The specially designed classrooms help every student interact individually with the professor. The classrooms have smartboards and short-throw projectors for a better learning experience. It assists professors in teaching students with videos, PPT, and PDF to have a superior understanding.

Modern Classroom for International students in UV Gullas College of Medicine.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Classroom
Students listing to lecture in UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines facilitates International students with modern classrooms that are air-conditioned with modern-day teaching facilities. The classroom enables every individual student can show his attention to the instructor who is mentoring the students. The classrooms have smartboards and short-throw projectors for a better learning experience. This helps professors explain to students with videos, PPT, and PDF to understand the subjects better.


The Library in UV Gullas College of Medicine has an enormous collection of medical books and research articles for students. Students are issued library cards through which they can get books from the library for reading. The library has more than 2000 e-journals, including the top journals in different medical disciplines. The E-library is another feature of UV Gullas for facilitating digital learning.


A well-equipped lab is a necessity for scientific fields. The UV Gullas college has dedicated laboratories for individual departments. There are labs for carrying out studies for biochemistry, pathology, hematology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, virology, molecular technology, and genetics. Advanced learning equipment like the Anatomage table is provided for better visual learning of human anatomy.

Availability of Cadavers:

Cadavers are vital for the interpretation of knowledge. The availability of cadavers is considered to be a highlighting feature of UVGCM. Most Philippines medical colleges and in other countries offer plastic bodies which WHO and NMC do not recommend. UV Gullas College of Medicine possesses sufficient cadavers for students to gain better medical exposure.

Indian students during their lab session in UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers advanced Anatomy class and clinical exposure that exposes mysteries of the human body and exposes students to an unforgettable experience

UV Gullas College of Medicine Laboratory

How is the Philippines a better choice for studying MBBS for International Students?

Students from countries like the US, India, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, the Caribbean, China, and Europe, etc., come to the Philippines to pursue a Doctor of Medicine at the UV Gullas College of medicine. Due to the best medical schooling at an affordable cost, this college has been an educational hub.

International students Unit

The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office for International students is located in Guindy, Chennai. The official representatives are available to guide students with all their needs. Both international and college staff are present on all working days to assist the students with procedures.

A dedicated liaison officer is available to take care of students' visa renewal, food card, insurance renewal, etc. Students can reach ISU for any queries and emergencies at any time.

Improved and Easy Admission Process

The admission process at the UV Gullas College of Medicine is smooth and secure. There is experienced and dedicated staff to guide and help every individual student throughout the entire admission process. We are always open to help you clarify all queries regarding the UV Gullas College of Medicine admissions. Please feel free to get assistance by Call/ WhatsApp/ Telegram +91 9944737004. For more details about the admission process. Click Here.

How is the UV Gullas College of Medicine the Best Philippines Medical College?

UV Gullas College of Medicine, situated in the Cebu City of the Philippines, is governed by the University of Visayas. The University of Visayas has a golden record of 100 years of reputation. The University has been offering education in 8 campuses located all over the Philippines.

U V Gullas College of Medicine is committed to preparing students to dominate the modern-day medical challenges across the globe. UV Gullas Medical college has faith in giving every student an establishment in biomedical sciences and medical encounters through cutting-edge advancements and teaching methods.

The UV Gullas medical college graduates are working everywhere around the globe in different fields as specialists, surgeons, and analysts, with significant compensation and reputation!

UV Gullas College of Medicine has always thrived hard in providing medical training support to students. The reason UVGCM has been the most loved destination of Indian students to study MBBS abroad is its high-quality education.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions

The admission process at U V Gullas is quite smooth and simpler than most Philippines MBBS Colleges. Here’s all you need to know about the UVGCM admission process:

1. Admission process

The UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines has created an excellent record in making quality doctors. Students fulfilling the required eligibility criteria may apply for a seat. The UV Gullas College of Medicine has a team of counselors who guide students during the process. Complete end-to-end hassle-free guidance is provided to every medical aspirant from different countries. 

Following are the criteria to be fulfilled:

  • The senior secondary examination in the science stream or equivalent should be passed by the candidate.
  • The candidate must pass the 12th examination with 50% marks in aggregate, and a 50% score in PCB. The candidate who does not study biology in the higher secondary or equivalent examination will not be eligible to take admission in the UV Gullas Medical College in the Philippines.
  • The candidate should qualify for the NEET examination to secure admission to MBBS Course.

2. Documents required

All the students are required to submit valid certificates and proofs. International students who wish to apply must submit their education documents with a valid ID card issued by their country. Students may send their necessary documents to info@uvgullasmedicalcollege.com. They can likewise send the documents to the medical college through WhatsApp on the number +91 9944737004. The documents to be submitted are:

  • 10th, 11th, and 12th Marksheets.
  • Passport Copy
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Transfer endorsement
  • NEET Admit card and NEET scorecard
  • Six photos of identification size
  • Blood test report
  • Other significant medical reports
  • 6 months bank statement of Parents/Guardians with a minimum of 3 Lakh INR as closing balance with seal and signature from respective bank authority.
  • Financial affidavit from Parents/Guardians that they take responsibility for students' tuition fees and expenses in the Philippines.
  • Additionally, the Covid-19 vaccination report and latest test report are to be submitted.

All the above documents are to be submitted to obtain a valid Philippines Visa. International students from African countries are requested to reach UV Gullas College of Medicine University Office for document processing and visa process.

All documents must be apostilled properly for students to obtain a valid visa for the Philippines. UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission Office takes care of the complete documentation process to be clear and lucid. In the wake of screening the candidates' reports, the students will get an email to advise the admission regarding the confirmation alongside a Notice of Acceptance from UV Gullas College of Medicine. After receiving the Notice of Acceptance, the students can apply further for getting a Visa to the Philippines.

How much does it cost to study MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine?

The average cost of studying in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines is much less expensive compared to other countries. The college aims at making the best education available for all. The yearly tuition fees are 3.00 lakh which can be paid in two installments directly to University. The total tuition fees for the complete course duration of 5 years and 8 months is 19.75 lakh INR. The overall expenses to complete the medical degree, including tuition fees, hostel facility, food, and other living expenses sum up to approximately 38 Lakh INR.

When you calculate the overall achievement rates of the Gullas graduates in the USMLE, in the US and FMGE exam in India is the highest in the entire world. The colleges in the Philippines are focused on conveying the most formal medical training and services worldwide.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers an unprecedented medical degree that is recognized all around the world. And, all of this comes with an affordable fee structure! Indian students feel this total package to be more reasonable as they are required to pay one-fourth of the fee structure offered in private medical colleges in their country. Private medical colleges and Universities in India charge a tuition fee between 17 lakhs to 25 lakhs per year which is not affordable to the common people.

Philippines MBBS Fees for Gullas College of Medicine is much more affordable than most private medical colleges in India. The living cost of living in the Philippines is similar to that of most Asian countries. That is the reason 1000's of Indians and students from neighboring countries choose UV Gullas College of Medicine to fulfill their dreams. The Philippines medical colleges do not accept any donation or capitation charge from international medical aspirants. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a straightforward and open charge structure that suits all.

Compared to the premium medical colleges in the Philippines offering medical education to Indian students, UV Gullas College of Medicine tuition fee 2024 - 2025 is affordable to every medical aspirant with doctor dream.

BS Biology - 14 Months₱ 5,25,0007,50,000 INR
Doctor of medicine -M.D 1₱ 2,60,0003,80,000 INR
Doctor of medicine – M.D 2₱ 2,60,0003,80,000 INR
Doctor of medicine – M.D 3₱ 2,60,0003,80,000 INR
Doctor of medicine – M.D 4 ( 18 Months)₱ 3,90,0005,70,000 INR
Total₱ 16,95,00024,60,000* INR
UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure 2024 - 2025

UV Gullas College of Medicine Uniform for International Students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Uniform is the same for both International and Filipino students.

Boys dress code: Neatly pressed White code with white undershirt and Black pants. Must wear college ID card and name badge.

Footwear: Boys must wear polished black shoes with white socks.

Jeans, pants, T-shirts, and casual shoes are prohibited inside campus premises during college hours.

Girl's Dress code: Neatly pressed white coat with comfortable inner slips and white skirt. College Id card and name badges are compulsory during college hours.

Footwear: polished Black cut shoes

Tattered Jeans, Casual pants, mini skirts, sleeveless tops, and leggings are strictly prohibited.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Uniform for International students

Cost of living in the Philippines:

Students seeking education in the Philippines are concerned about the cost of living in the country. The living cost varies in every city whether you are in Cebu, Manila, or Davao. There will be a slight difference as Cebu would cost you around 15k to 18k INR per month. Whereas the cost of living in Manila is 16k to 25k bucks, however, Davao is similar to that of Cebu. The stay in Manila is a little costly as it is one of the busiest cities around the world and a major business hub in Asia. There are varieties of lodging options available based on area and location of stay. Typically a townhouse or condos that are completely outfitted and have two rooms range from $ 200 – $ 500, relying upon the area, conveniences, and assuming it is in the city's core.

Jeepney is the major transportation in the Philippines

The cost of living in Cebu City is quite affordable for international students. You can find so many low-cost houses or rooms available. It is classified as "lodging"; it is a house with loads of rooms to lease. Usually, the electric bill is less as it begins at $25 with medium utilization of appliances like a cooler, TV, clothes washer, lights, and electric fan with no AC.

Likewise, the water bill relies upon utilization. Generally, the bill is $16 per month. Furthermore, for your web association, you can pick broadband or a wired bundle for $25 – $120.

Davao or Manila's significant transportation is LRT (Light Rail Transit), MRT (Metro Rail Transit), transport, taxi, and jeepney. LRT admission begins at $0.4, relying upon the distance. In the provincial zones, tricycles and bikes are effective methods of transportation. Jeepneys are the most well-known type of public transportation in the Philippines. Loads of public emergency clinics offer checkups and dental examinations. If you need to visit a private specialist, it begins at $10. Philippine Health, generally known as Philhealth is a healthcare coverage program that offers healthcare services.

Cebu is a better choice offering reasonable living costs. It provides a preferable lifestyle in urban communities and is loaded with favorable circumstances. Basic items cost moderately less than in Manila as well. The food supply is hygienic and healthy. Food costs around 50 php-150 php per meal. Transportation is 8php per way using the jeepney. If you live close to your college you may go walking. Burn calories and save money as well.

Thus, the cost of living is quite similar to that of Asian countries- Low and Affordable. Students get all the necessary commodities for a decent living in the Philippines easily.

Food and hostel expenses: 

There is an International canteen available within the campus premises of the UV Gullas Medical College campus. There are International and Indian chefs deployed in the canteen to prepare dishes. As most students prefer Indian dishes there is a separate menu available for Indian students. Students have the option to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian food is prepared following proper Halal standards. There are both North Indian and South Indian dishes available three times a day. Traditional ethnic Indian food is served to fulfill the desire for home food. We know home food is a major missing for students living away.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostels have high-speed internet for students for their projects and assignments. A dedicated housekeeping team is deployed to clean the rooms and washrooms regularly. Every room is sanitized with disinfectants regularly to ensure students are living in a healthy environment. All rooms have a comfortable living room with all needed amenities for International students. Clean drinking water is made accessible through a water purifier with RO innovation.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine is a home away from home!

UV Gullas College of Medicine – Top choice for Indian students to study MBBS

Indian medical students in UV Gullas college of medicine along with their professor in classroom

The Philippines has turned out to be the second hometown for medical students from India. The number of students getting admission to UV Gullas College of Medicine through referrals from Indian alumni students has rapidly increased every year. Indian students in recent years are on the hunt for a better medical college that provides the best education at affordable fees. Most education experts recommend the University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine as the top medical college in the Philippines for Indian students.

Special attention is taken care of Indian students to prepare for FMGE exams during their 3rd year of MD and Final year. Top leading medical experts specializing in medical subjects guide students to prepare for the exit exam in India. It has been a proven methodology where most students graduating as doctors from this Philippines MBBS university clear their exit exam in their 1st attempt.

While medical graduates from countries like Russia, China, and Ukraine struggle to clear FMGE exams after multiple attempts, more than 80% of graduates from the UV Gullas easily clear the exam in the first attempt. This has been a major reason for most students getting attracted to admission in the Gullas Medical College.

Perceived by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India, the Philippines Medical College confers magnificent training on medication, dentistry, and nursing. The establishment imagines quality training to a broad scope of students in the coming future.

There are 5 major hospitals, including a government hospital affiliated with UV Gullas College of Medicine, where international students visit during their final year clerkship. Students attend to patients with a variety of diseases where they gain actual clinical knowledge. The best part is that students are allowed to assist senior surgeons in major surgery which helps to gain a better understanding of clinical knowledge.

These factors have given the UV Gullas College of Medicine the badge of the best institution to study MBBS in the Philippines for Indian students.

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