UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure

UV Gullas College of Medicine is a top ranked medical college in the Philippines, affiliated with the University of the Visayas. The college faculty provides students all the necessities for learning. The college has a well maintained campus, modern classrooms and labs. There are dedicated spaces for organizing seminars, debates, and other functions.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Classrooms

With the technological up rise, the education sector needs to be updated. The medical colleges, nowadays have transformed themselves into modern and hi-tech institutions. The UV Gullas College of Medicine is keeping up with the rapid growth and requirements needed to operate as a high-end place for studying. The UV Gullas College of Medicine, in particular, is a prime model of such colleges where they offer fantastic facilities to their students for a better learning experience.

In the advancement of modern days, the classrooms in the UV Gullas College of Medicine have redefined and made learning more interesting. The teaching methods have become technologically oriented and interactive. Teachers use different tools to teach their students concepts and provide better learning. The primary tool used in smart classes these days is the projector that helps lecturers bring a live demo of the topics using slides and images. The technology is capable of displaying texts and images on a flat surface, a projector is also essential to show videos in the classroom. This facility makes the learning experience more exciting and interactive.

Another up-to-date facility is that all the classes are equipped with smart boards. As the name suggests, a smart board is a step ahead of the simple whiteboard as it is capable of saving the data that you write on it. Some smart boards are touch-enabled.

The use of devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones is quite common in smart classes now. Using these gadgets is not only convenient for the students but also helps in more connectivity with the teachers. Apart from that, some other traits of a smart classroom are – proper air conditioning, networked learning and a control panel.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Library

The college has both traditional libraries and digital libraries. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Library offers a modern day environment where students can get study material right on their computer screen. With a simple function of point and click, you can get access to any study material that you require for your subject. Our college has an E-Library or an Electronic Library. You can also access an E-Library from the vicinity of your homes, and use its services without wasting paper. The UV Gullas Medical College Library possesses wide collections of current research and publications in the field of medicine.

This keeps the UV Gullas Medical College a step ahead of its counterparts and also is very user friendly.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Laboratory

Laboratories are the backbone of scientific fields. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Laboratory is facilitated with advanced medical equipment that is essential for students. These labs are vital for research purposes and teaching medical terms with practical examples. The latest pieces of equipment like microscopes, safety gadgets, etc. are available.

With the drastic growth of technology in medicine over the years, the area of learning must also keep up with the pace. For this, the UV Gullas Medical College Laboratory has advanced learning equipment like an Anatomage Table, 3D Simulation Lab, and a good number of cadavers. Our highly experienced professors make sure students gain an in-depth knowledge of clinical studies. The labs are facilitated with modern day learning pieces of equipment that help students understand concepts in a better way.

Apart from these services, the medical college possesses a few other facilities. These facilities include- a separate area for organizing functions and meetings, safety equipment for the students and the faculty members, a sports area, and medical & health services. All these services are present at the UV Gullas College of Medicine.