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UV Gullas College of Medicine the best Philippines Medical College recommended for International students to study medicine in Philippines

UV Gullas College of Medicine is considered to be an ideal option for International medical aspirants looking to study MBBS abroad from a foreign land. UVGCM is referred as best Philippines Medical college that is known for offering top quality medical education to International students. UV Gullas College of Medicine is accredited by NMC, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE etc and all the major medical bodies across the world.

The Philippines Medical College has been outstanding amongst most other colleges in the country and known for offering high quality medical education to International students. Students who have graduated from UV Gullas College of Medicine have higher success rate in USMLE and FMGE exam in India. This has attracted most Indian students looking to study MBBS in Philippines to choose UV Gullas Medical college to fulfil their doctor dreams.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions are open for the year 2020-2021. Every year the number of Indian students applying to Gullas college of Medicine has increased as the FMGE success rate his much higher than any other medical colleges approved by National Medical Commission (NMC) . Go on! Make your MBBS dreams work out, and make your folks glad! UVGCM has become the top choice for Indian medical aspirants among NMC approved Philippines Medical colleges.

Situated in the fantastic Cebu City in the Philippines, Gullas Medical College offers the best Medical education to international students at affordable tuition fees! UV Gullas College of Medicine has remained as best Philippines Medical college for Indian students to study MBBS in Philippines. 

The latest information from NMC confirms that students graduated UV Gullas College of Medicine have scored the highest level in NMC screening tests. M.D. (Specialist of Medicine) graduates from UV Gullas College of Medicine clear NMC screening test with the most high pass percentage. UVGCM take high responsibility in administration and student welfare towards greatness in medical education offered to every individual student. 

UV Gullas Medical College provides elite Clinical training by offering cutting-edge technology and posh lodging facilities at reasonable fees. UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel is available within campus premises with high security for International students to have a peaceful stay. Office of International student Unit is available and active 24x7 to take care of every individual students and their needs.

This has attracted most medical aspiring students from countries like India, Thailand, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Nepal, Japan, and the United States who decide study MBBS in Philippines from UV Gullas College of Medicine. 

University of Visayas - 100 years of leadership in education

Indian students celebrating 100 years ceremony in cebu city

At University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine We Produce graduates to achieve and lead in their respective communities, states, and country.

At UV Gullas Medical College we are committed to provide high-quality education for students which results in employment and achievement of their educational and career goals.

University of Visayas was established in the year 1919 in the Cebu city of Philippines by Dr. Don Vicente Gullas. UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines has attracted in most International students hoping to Study MBBS abroad from the premium Medical College. Most International Education experts who are specialists in various Philippines medical colleges prescribe UV Gullas College of Medicine to their companions and family members. This is because they recognize the nature of medical instruction offered in UV Gullas College of Medicine is best compared to any other Medical universities in the Philippines.

UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking has great impact amongst most other Philippines Medical colleges which tempt to follow the similar pattern of education. UV Gullas Medical college ranking remains in 3rd position among ahead of various other medical colleges accepting International students.

Highlights of UV Gullas Medical College

The UV Gullas College of Medicine offers top-notch education to medical aspirants with highly experienced faculties and research doctors working in various hospitals across the country . Top factors for International students to consider studying from this Philippines medical college.

  • No Donations required 
  • Affordable tuition fee: The Philippines medical college offers high quality medical education at affordable cost. International students who wish to secure Admissions from this Philippines Medical College can reach UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission Office located in Guindy, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
  • English: Philippines is a Country which follows US culture and every people in the country speak English. Students who wish to study MBBS in Philippines will not have any language barrier. Almost 95% of the people in Philippines speak good English. The subjects are taught in English language which is an highly added advantage for International students as they don't have to learn a new language.
  • High Quality Medical Education: The Faculties are highly experienced and practicing doctors from various multi specialty hospitals in the country. The experienced professors make sure every individual medical aspirants who has come to study medicine from UVGCM gets in-depth knowledge in the field of Medicine
  • Ideal Student to teacher ratio: The Philippines medical college maintains an ideal student teacher ratio where the faculties will be able concentrate in progress of every individual student.
  • Golden gateway to Developed countries: Medical Students who wish to settle in developed countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada etc identify higher chances of getting post graduate seat for medicine in these countries. Most international students who wish to settle in US feel easy to crack exams like USMLE easily and get settled in developed countries.
  • Better learning Environment: The Philippines medical college has created a better channel to maintain a great relationship with parents keeping them posted with their wards education updates. The college also enhances the learning environment by educating the students with latest happening in the field of medicine. The education system is defined in a great way where students gain better practical exposure rather than theoretical knowledge.
  • American Education System: The education in Philippines follows American pattern of Education. International students prefer to study MBBS in Philippines as they identify the US pattern of education helps gain better clinical knowledge. American pattern of Medical education is considered as one of best education system by educational experts around the world.
  • Course Duration: Philippines Medical Colleges follow BS + MD system of education. The total course duration is 5 year and 8 months. BS will be for 1 year and 8 months followed by 4 year of MD.
  • UV Gullas College of Medicine Tuition Fee: Most international students feel UV Gullas College of Medicine fees structure to be affordable compared to other medical universities. Indian students are crazy in grabbing UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions as they get top quality medical education at affordable fees structure. The total fees structure for 5 years and 8 months of course duration is 17.83 lakhs INR. UV Gullas College of Medicine tuition fees can be paid in two instalments directly to the college every year.
  • In-campus Hostel Facilities : The Philippines Medical College offers highly secured in-campus separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. The hostel has 24x7 CCTV Surveillance and internet facilities for students to have a comfortable stay.
  • Indian food in canteen: There is Indian chef deployed in canteen to comfort every Indian students to get hygienic food all three times a day. Both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available in canteen.
  • Bunches of Indian Students: This Philippines MBBS College is mostly loved by Indian medical aspirants for Varity of reasons. Gullas College of medicine holds a remarkable position amongst NMC approved medical colleges in Philippines. Students graduated from UV Gullas college of medicine holds highest pass percentage among students in FMGE exams.
  • Tropical climate: Philippines has tropical climate. This favors Indian students to examine patients with vector born diseases as similar to India. Students gain better clinical knowledge by attending maximum patients with similar diseases that prevail in India.

Top ranking Philippines Medical College

Every students are concerned about the college ranking before they apply for their admissions. UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking and country ranking has attracted international medical aspirants seeking to study MBBS abroad. The college offers quality education that helps to maintain its ranking ahead of other medical colleges.

Students in UV Gullas Medical College
Indian Students in UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus

UV Gullas College of Medicine country ranking remains in 3rd position among NMC approved medical colleges in Philippines. The experienced faculties provide good education and clinical knowledge to every students helping them gain better clinical exposure. The professors also guide every students and keep them posted with latest updates in the field of medicine. Global students get attracted in towards UV Gullas medical college as it offers top-quality medical education at a reasonable tuition fees. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking has seen extraordinary changes over the most recent couple of years. The medical college is racing towards the top position amongst the best Philippines medical colleges accepting International students . 

UV Gullas College of Medicine approvals and recognitions 

The medical degree offered by UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by WHO, NMC, ECFMG, FAIMER, IMED, US Education Department, Medical Council of Thailand, Medical Council of California, General Council of Medicine of Great Britain, and Medical Council of Canada.

Infrastructure in UV Gullas College of Medicine for International Students

The medical college offers the best and world-class infrastructure to medical students to provide and facilitate a better learning environment. All teaching classrooms are fully air-conditioned and have smart writing boards. Every classrooms are facilitated with modern-day teaching environment with shot through projectors and simulation boards.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has a well-equipped library with latest books from various authors and many other multimedia. This will help the students to gather better medical information and gain knowledge in latest medical research and publications.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine laboratories are well-equipped with various advanced tools such as 3D simulators, Anatomage tables and 3D models for better understanding of human body to improve medical skills.


UV Gullas College of Medicine facilitates International students with modern classrooms that are air-conditioned with modern-day teaching facilities. The classroom enables every individual student can show his attention to the instructor who is mentoring the students. The classrooms have smart boards and short-throw projectors for the better learning experience. This helps professors explain to students with videos, PPT, and PDF to understand the subjects better.


The Library in UV Gullas College of Medicine has a wide range of medical books and research articles for medical students to gain knowledge. It contains multiple collections of Medical and research books for students to refer to. Students are issued with library cards where they can get books from the library for reading. The library has more than 2000 e-journals, including the top journals in every medical discipline that facilitate higher learning and research for students. The E-library is another feature of UV Gullas digital learning to another level with its capacity for providing information at the touch of a button.


There are separate laboratories for every individual department in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Different labs for medical biochemistry, medical pathology, medical hematology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, virology, molecular technology, and genetics are available in Philippines medical college. Advanced learning equipment like the Anatomage table helps students have visual learning of human anatomy. The anatomage table helps students better understand physiological pathways and visualize the internal organs of the human body.

Availability of Cadavers:

The avilability of cadavers for International students is considered to be a highlighting feature of UVGCM. Medical aspirants who look for a quality medical college to pursue their medical education look for availability cadavers in labs. Most Philippines medical colleges offer plastic bodies which WHO and NMC do not recommend. UV Gullas College of Medicine possesses sufficient cadavers for international students to gain better medical exposure.

How is the Philippines a better option to study MBBS

Medical Education in the Philippines is the most liked for MBBS programs over US, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, the Caribbean, China, and Europe. Because of the incredible nature of medical schooling at affordable cost offering best education by following prospectus of Global Standards since it follows a US Based Syllabus! 

International students Unit

The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office for International students is located in Guindy Chennai. The official representatives also are available in International students UNIT (ISU) of the college guiding students for all their needs. There are both International and college staffs available on all working days to fulfill every needs of students. They also keep posted with regular updates to students with announcements from college and country.

There is an dedicated liaison officer available to take care of students visa renewal, food card, Insurance renewal etc. Students can reach ISU for any queries and emergency where there are dedicated staffs deployed in every department to take care of students.

Improved and Easy Admission Process:

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office is always happy to assist you to secure admissions easily. There are experienced and dedicated staffs to guide and help every individual students throughout entire admission process. We are open to help you clarify all your queries with regarding to UV Gullas College of Medicine admissions. Please feel free to get assistance by Call/ Whatsapp/ Telegram +91 9944737004. For more details about admissions Click Here.

How is UV Gullas College of Medicine the Best Philippines Medical College?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is situated in the beautiful Cebu City in the Philippines. This medical college is governed by University of Visayas an 100 years old reputed university in Cebu Philippines. Gullas College of Medicine is renewed medical institution located in Cebu City. The University has been offering top class education with 8 campus located in Philippines.

UV Gullas College of Medicine committed to prepare the students to dominate the modern-day medical challenges across the globe . UV Gullas Medical college has faith in giving every students a solid establishment in biomedical sciences and medical encounters through cutting-edge advances and submitted teaching methods. This has truth be told about UV Gullas medical school graduates working everywhere in the world in different good situations as specialists, surgeons, and analysts, with significant compensation and reputation! 

UV Gullas College of Medicine has strives hard in making medical training reasonably to students with faith of creating a health society. Medical degree offered by UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines, is licensed by every significant medical body across the globe like NMC, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE. 

This is the thing that makes UV Gullas College of Medicine a top-notch medical school that gives an MBBS degree at the most reasonable educational expense. That is the reason UV Gullas College of Medicine has been the most loved decision of Indian students to read MBBS abroad throughout the previous ten years. Many Indian students trust UV Gulla's medical school and are right now seeking after their MBBS at UV Gullas medical school grounds.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions

1. Admission process

UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines has created an excellent impact in creating quality doctors across the world from different countries who excel in the field of Medicine. The admissions office of the UV Gullas college of Medicine has an expert group of counselors who guide students at every stage during the process. Complete end to end hassle free guidance is provided to every medical aspiring students from different countries who seek to secure UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions. MBBS in Philippines is widely considered amongst other countries like Russia, China, Ukraine etc as quality of education and success rate is better from Philippines medical graduates.

2. Documents required

UV Gullas medical school is controlled and run by the University of Visayas Philippines. International students who look to secure admissions must meet out UV Gullas College of Medicine admission eligibility criteria.

The students should pass the 12th examination with 50% of total marks, and 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students who does not have Biology as major subject in their 12th will not be eligible to apply to UV Gullas College of Medicine. The Medical Aspirants from India must have Eligibility in NEET as directed by National Medical Commission to secure an eligibility to Study MBBS in Philippines

International students who wish to apply must sent their education documents along with ID card issued by their country. The students can send their necessary documents to info@uvgullasmedicalcollege.com. Students can likewise send their documents to the medical college through WhatsApp on number +91 9944737004. All necessary documents can be scanned and sent to official email id mentioned. 

  • 10th, 11th and 12th Marksheet. 
  • Passport Copy
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Transfer endorsement 
  • NEET Admit card and NEET scorecard 
  • Six photos of identification size 
  • Blood test report 
  • Other significant medical reports 
  • 6 months bank statement of Parents/Guardian with minimum of 3 Lakhs INR as closing balance with seal and signature from respective bank authority . 
  • Financial affidavit from Parents/Guardians that they take responsibility of students tuition fees and expenses in Philippines. 
  • Additionally Covid-19 vaccination report and latest test report must be submitted.

All the above original documents are to be submitted to obtain a valid Philippines Visa. International students from African countries are requested to reach UV Gullas College of Medicine University Office for document Processing and Visa Process.

Every documents must be apostilled properly for students to obtain valid visa to travel to Philippines. UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission Office takes care of complete documentation process to be clear and lucid. In the wake of screening the the candidates reports, the students will get an email to advise the admission regarding the confirmation alongside a Notice of Acceptance from UV Gullas College of Medicine. In the wake of getting the Notice of Acceptance, the students can convey the further interaction of getting a Visa to concentrate in travelling to Philippines.

How much does it cost to study MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine?

The tuition fees for UV Gullas College of Medicine is 2.7 Lakhs every year which can be paid in two instalments directly to University. The total tuition fees for complete course duration of 5 years and 8 months is 17.83 lakhs INR for an international student to obtain a medical degree from UV Gullas College of Medicine. The overall expenses to complete the medical degree including tuition fees, Hostel, Food and other expenses will be approximately 32 Lakhs INR.

When you calculate the overall achievement rates in USMLE and FMGE exam in India, UV Gullas College of Medicine remains one of the top Philippines medical Colleges for medical aspiring students in the Philippines and entire of World. We are focused on conveying the most formal request of medical training and medical services experts to the worldwide local area through the famous cautiously calibrated UV Gullas College of Medicine syllabus that demonstrates the Medical Education in the Philippines. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers world class medical degree that is recognized around the world at most reasonable fee structure ever! Indian students feel this total package to be more reasonable when they just would pay one fourth of the fees structure offered in Private Medical in their country. Private medical colleges and Universities in India charge a tuition fees between 17 lakhs to 25 lakhs per year which is not affordable to common people with doctor dreams.

Philippines MBBS Fees for Gullas College of Medicine is very much affordable than most private medical colleges in India. The living cost in Philippines is similar to the living cost in most Asian countries. That is the reason 1000s of Indian and students from neighboring countries pick UV Gullas College of Medicine to fulfill their doctor dreams come true by choosing MBBS in the Philippines. This Philippines medical college fees for international students does not accept any donation or capitation charge from international medical aspirants. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a straightforward and open charge structure.

UV Gullas College of Medicine fees structure is considered to be affordable compared to most Philippines Medical colleges approved by NMC. International students rush for their admissions from UV Gullas due to this specific reason where the college offers world class education at reasonable tuition fee. When compared to premium medical college in Philippines offering medical education to Indian students UV Gullas college of Medicine tuition fee is nominal for International students willing to study MBBS in Philippines.

BS Biology9200 USD6,75,000
Doctor of medicine -MD (1st year)4350 USD2,98000
Doctor of medicine – MD (2nd year)4000 USD2,70,000
Doctor of medicine – MD (3rd year)4000 USD2,70,000
Doctor of medicine – MD (4th year)4000 USD2,70,000
Total25,550 USD17,83,000 INR

Cost of living in the Philippines:

Students who aim to travel to Philippines are concerned about cost of living in the country. The living cost varies between every cities whether you are in Cebu, Manila or Davao. The will be slight difference between every cities such as Cebu would cost you around 14k to 18k INR per month. Whereas, cost of living in Manila is 16k to 25k bucks, however, Davao is similar to that of Cebu. Now, if you talk about Manila which is the capital of Philippines, there are bunches of decisions whether you will lease or purchase.

The stay in Manila is little costly as it is one of the busiest cities around the world and a major business hub in Asia. There are varieties of lodging options available based on area and location of stay . Typically a townhouse or condos that are completely outfitted and have two rooms range from $ 200 – $ 500, relying upon the area, conveniences and assuming it is in the city's core.

Cost of living in Cebu city is quite affordable for international students. When you are more concerned about your spending , you can find so many low cost house or rooms avilable. It is classified as "lodging"; it is a house with loads of rooms to lease. You can pick a room with a washroom or simply a bed, particularly; ordinarily, they utilize a twofold deck, understudies, and a few explorers discover this choice popular in Davao City. You can pick costly cafés, modest eateries, inexpensive food chains or a "carenderia" cheap.  Usually, the electric bill begins at $25 with medium utilization of apparatuses like cooler, TV, clothes washer, lights and electric fan with no AC.

The water bill likewise relies upon the utilization; for the most part, our bill begins at $16 each month. Furthermore, for your web association, you can pick broadband or a wired bundle there are $25 – $120. On your versatile, you can have an arrangement for as low as $23 with free content and local call.

Davao or Manila's significant transportation is LRT (Light Rail Transit), MRT (Metro Rail Transit), transport, taxi and jeepney. LRT admission begins at $0.4, relying upon the distance. Also, generally in the provincial zones, tricycle and bike are the effective methods of transportation. Jeepneys are the most well-known type of public transportation in the Philippines; it has no cool and open windows.

Normally it is over-burden; two travelers in front adjacent to the driver, 16-20 individuals in the jeepney's back and certain travelers holding tight the jeepney's rear! Traffic is the most well-known issue here, particularly since the legislatures are dealing with the street augmenting project. There are loads of public emergency clinics that offer let loose, broad; check and, surprisingly, dental examinations. Yet, if you need to visit a private specialist, it begins at $10. Philippine Health, generally known as Philhealth is the health care coverage program; it is a good medical service. You can discover heaps of government emergency clinics in the city and the provincial regions.

Cebu is truly a better city offering reasonable living cost. Preferable lifestyle over in more modest urban communities and loaded with favorable circumstances. The moderately lesser average cost for basic items than Manila as well. To say that the typical cost for basic items here is similar to the US puzzled me. You need to know the correct spots and not go through like a one-day mogul; endurance without consuming openings in your pocket is truly conceivable. It's a standard. The traffic is deteriorating, yet generally speaking, it is probably the best spot to live in.

On the off chance that you, theoretically, ate cheap food dinners completely for each supper 7days every week, that would be; generally, you'd get a normal 50php-150php per feast. Transportation is 8php per way using the jeepney. Go live close to your college, and you will not need to burn through 8php; walk.

No Language Barrier: 

MBBS in Philippines is most preferred ahead of MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine as there is no additional language to be learnt to attain a medical degree. A every Filipino are more comfortable with English students have no issues in communication with patients during their clerkship. The teaching language is English and there is no local language as additional subjects for students in their syllabus. The sign boards and name boards of shops are also in English where students does not need any assistance while travelling in cities of Philippines.

Food and hostel expenses: 

There is International canteen available within the campus premises of UV Gullas Medical College campus. There are International and Indian chef deployed in the canteen to prepare both International and Indian dish in the canteen. As most students prefer Indian dish there is seperate menu available for Indian students. Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food is available in the canteen.

Students have the option to choose among Vegetarian and Non vegetarian dish. Non vegetarian food is prepared following proper Halal standards. There is both North Indian and South Indian dish available all three times a day.. Traditional ethnic Indian cooking is served to fulfill the desire for home food.

The Hostel in UV Gullas College of Medicine is facilitated with high speed Internet for students to make use of it for their projects and assignments. A dedicated housekeeping team is deployed to clean the rooms and washrooms regularly. Every rooms are sanitized with disinfectants regularly to ensure students are living in a healthy environment. All rooms have a comfortable living room with all needed amenities for International students to have a comfortable stay. Clean drinking water is made accessible through a water purifier outfitted with RO innovation. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine – Top choice for Indian students to study MBBS

Philippines has turned to be the second hometown for medical students for Indian Medical aspirants. The number of students getting admission to UV Gullas College of medicine through referrals from Indian alumni students has largely increased every year. UV Gullas College of Medicine reviews from most Philippines medical graduates have proven that the medical college remains as top choice for Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad.

While medical graduates who have completed their education in countries like Russia, China and Ukraine struggle to clear FMGE exams after multiple attempts, More than 80% of students graduated from UV Gullas easily clear the exam in their first attempt. This has been a major reason most students get attracted to secure their admission from Gullas Medical College.

Indian students in recent years are in hunt for a better medical college that provides best education at affordable fees. Most education experts recommend University of Visayas Gullas College of medicine as top medical colleges in Philippines for Indian students.

There is special attention taken care for Indian students to prepare for FMGE exams during their 3rd year of MD and Final year. Top leading medical experts who are specialized in the medical subjects guide students to prepare for exit exam in India. This has been a proven methodology where most students graduating as doctors from this Philippines mbbs university clear their exit exam in their 1st attempt.

There are 5 major Hospitals including a government hospital that are affiliated with UV Gullas College of Medicine where international students visit during their final year clerkship. Students are able to attend patients with variety of diseases where they gain the actual clinical knowledge. The best part is students will be allowed to assist along with senior surgeons in major surgery that helps to gain better clinical knowledge.

Perceived by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India, the Philippines Medical College confers magnificent training on medication, dentistry, and nursing. The establishment imagines unfurling quality training to a broad scope of students in the coming future. These factors have given UV Gullas Medical college to be the best institution to study mbbs in Philippines for Indian students.

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