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UV Gullas College of Medicine the best Philippines Medical College recommended for International students to study medicine in Philippines

UV Gullas College of Medicine is the most well-known decision for Indian students to contemplate MBBS in Philippines. Certified by WHO and NMC, UV Gullas College of Medicine is the Philippines' highest level medical school. Being outstanding amongst other medical universities in the Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine students score the most noteworthy finish rate in MCI screening assessments and USMLE tests each year! Therefore, many Indian students decide to contemplate MBBS in Philippines at UV Gullas Medical College. 

Affirmations at UV Gullas College of Medicine are open for the year 2020-2021. Many Indian students are now applying for their confirmations at UV Gullas to satisfy their fantasies to turn into a specialist. Go on! Make your MBBS dreams work out, and make your folks glad! UVGCM has become the top choice for Indian medical aspirants among NMC approved Philippines Medical colleges.

Situated in the fantastic Cebu City in the Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine offers the best MBBS degree with the most moderate educational expense structure for Indian students! UV Gullas College of Medicine is the best medical school for Indian students to consider MBBS in Philippines! 

NMC affirms UV Gullas College of Medicine and students who move on from UV Gullas have scored the highest level in NMC screening tests. M.D. (Specialist of Medicine) graduates from UV Gullas College of Medicine clear MCI screening test with the most high pass percentage! The responsibility of UV Gullas College of Medicine's administration towards greatness in medical instruction is uncommon. 

UV Gullas Medical College gives elite MBBS training by offering cutting-edge foundation and posh lodging facilities at reasonable fees. UV Gullas College of Medicine has an in-grounds inn with day-in and day-out security features to guarantee that the students are free from harm. Offices, for example, study lobbies and libraries inside the UV Gullas medical school grounds, permits each understudy to design an individual pathway to their degree in medication. That is the reason MBBS applicants from India, Thailand, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran, Nepal, Japan, and the United States decide to consider MBBS in the Philippines at UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds. 

University of Visayas - 100 years of leadership in education

Indian students celebrating 100 years ceremony in cebu city

At University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine We Produce graduates to achieve and lead in their respective communities, states, and country.

At UV Gullas Medical College we are committed to provide high-quality education for students which results in employment and achievement of their educational and career goals.

University of Visayas was established in the year 1919 in the Cebu city of Philippines by Dr. Don Vicente Gullas. UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines has pulled in most International students hoping to Study MBBS abroad from the highest level Medical College. Most International Education experts who are specialists in various Philippines medical colleges prescribe UV Gullas College of Medicine to their companions and family members. This is because they recognize the nature of medical instruction offered in UV Gullas College of Medicine is best contrasted with other Medical universities in the Philippines.

UV Gullas Medical College has kept up its reality positioning in the top situation among Philippines medical universities tolerating International students. UV Gulla's School of Medicine has rounded up the third situation among Philippines Medical universities as per the most recent measurements.

Highlights of UV Gullas College of Medicine

The UV Gullas College of Medicine offers top-notch instruction with a lot of offices. Some essential witticism of UV Gullas for the students who are considering medication 

  • No Donations required 
  • Reasonable expense: Educational expense in Installment mode is accessible at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Moreover, the UV Gullas College of Medicine India Admissions Office in Chennai will help you get instructive advances.
  • English is the mode of guidance: No Language Barrier since English is the vehicle of direction and 99% of individuals in the Philippines communicate in English. Indian students feel comfortable at UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds! 
  • The top-notch schooling: One-on-one individual consideration for every Indian understudy, worked with by UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office in Chennai. Indian students accommodate nonstop help till they graduate! 
  • Suitable understudy patient proportion: UV Gullas College of Medicine is a grounded stage for PLAB, USMLE, and FMGE. Extra preparation for clearing tests like MCI screening test and USMLE tests are given at UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds! 
  • The typical high cost for essential items: Uncommonly care and lift for every understudy are given at UV Gullas College of Medicine. students can have their PG/Career in a nation based on their personal preference like USA, California, Canada, Thailand, England, India, or Australia. 
  • Better Environment: UV Gullas College of Medicine ensures there is day-to-day communication with Students and Parents guarantees the students stay zeroed in on their investigations and profession. The committed International Students Office has accommodated the unique help, direction, and guidance of Indian students at UV Gullas College of Medicine. 
  • American Education System: the US put together a schedule with more hands-with respect to medical practice American-based Syllabus is followed at UV Gullas College of Medicine. American-based MBBS prospectus is the best medical schedule on the planet, giving a better quality of studies and more medical experience. MBBS moves on from American prospectus land first inclination in quite a while everywhere in the world. 
  • Complete BS + MD in 5 years four months: Strong medical instruction in the Philippines inside ideal time 
  • UV Gullas Fee has a Low Fee Structure: Top-notch medical training without excessive monetary weight. At UV Gullas College of Medicine, educational expenses is generally reasonable. At simply 2.7 lakhs each year, you can consider an elite MBBS degree at UV Gullas Medical College grounds! This is a brilliant chance for Indian students!
  • UV Gullas Hostel is inside the UV Gullas grounds: Agreeable and safe living with all offices. Sound and Friendly district at UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds! The unique Cebu City and the tranquil hitect grounds of UV Gulla's medical school give the ideal climate to unwind and zero in on MBBS examines. 
  • South Indian Food: Indian students can feel comfortable with their home food. Veggie lover/Non-Vegetarian Indian food (even Jain food) gave in the UV Gullas College of Medicine container inside the UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel for the solace and soundness of the Indian students.
  • Bunches of Indian Students: A solid Indian understudy local area upholds and manages the new students. 1400+ Indian students are as of now examining MBBS at UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds. UV Gullas College of Medicine is the most confided medical school in the Philippines by Indian students. 
  • Weather Conditions: Same Climatic conditions as India - specifically Temperate, guaranteeing that the infection designs learned in the Philippines and their treatment is equivalent to the nation of origin. This aids MBBS students from UV Gullas Medical College to finish the course and begin rehearsing very quickly in the government of origin.

Top ranking Philippines Medical College

The Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines, has kept up excellent positioning among the medical universities in the Philippines tolerating International Students. UV Gullas College of Medicine world positioning and nation positioning has pulled in both neighborhood and International students to scramble for admission to this Philippines Medical school. 

Students in UV Gullas Medical College

UV Gullas College of Medicine country positioning remaining parts in third position ruling any remaining NMC endorsed top medical schools in the Philippines. The top-quality medical schooling has been driven by experienced specialists filling in as teachers in the Gullas school of medication. They endeavor hard to arrive at the Philippines' top situation. Global students get pulled in towards UV Gullas as it offers top-quality medical instruction at a reasonable expense. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine's world positioning has seen extraordinary changes over the most recent couple of years. The school is dashing towards the top situation in front of the best medical universities in the Philippines. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine approvals and recognitions 

UV Gullas College of Medicine is perceived by WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, IMED, US Education Department, Medical Council of Thailand, Medical Council of California, General Council of Medicine of Great Britain, and Medical Council of Canada.

Infrastructure in UV Gullas College of Medicine for International Students

The medical college offers the best and world-class infrastructure to medical students to increase the interest in studies. All teaching classrooms are fully air-conditioned and have smart writing boards. Each classroom has projectors to encourage students to learn with more interest.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has a well-equipped library with many books from various authors and many other multimedia. This will help the students to gather better medical information.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine laboratories are well-equipped with various advanced tools such as 3D simulators and anatomize tables for good medical skills.


UV Gullas College of Medicine facilitates International students with modern classrooms air-conditioned with modern-day teaching facilities. The classroom enables every individual student can show his attention to the instructor mentoring the students. The classrooms have intelligent boards and short-throw projectors for the better learning experience. This helps professors explain to students with videos, PPT, and PDF to understand the subjects better.


 The Library in UV Gullas College of Medicine has a wide range of medical books and research articles for medical students to gain knowledge. It contains multiple collections of Medical and research books for students to refer to. Students are issued with library cards where they can get books from the library for reading. The library has more than 1500 e-journals, including the top journals in every medical discipline that facilitate higher learning and research for students. The E-library is another feature of UV Gulla's digital learning to another level with its capacity for providing information at the touch of a button.


There are separate laboratories for every individual department in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Different labs for medical biochemistry, medical pathology, medical hematology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, immunology, bacteriology, mycology, virology, molecular technology, and genetics are available in Philippines medical college. Advanced learning equipment like the Anatomage table helps students have visual learning of human anatomy. The anatomage table helps students better understand physiological pathways and visualize the internal organs of the human body.

Availability of Cadavers:

Medical aspirants who look for a quality medical college to pursue their medical education look for cadavers in labs. Most Philippines medical colleges offer plastic bodies which WHO and NMC do not recommend. UV Gullas College of Medicine possesses sufficient cadavers for international students to gain better medical exposure.

How is the Philippines a better option to study MBBS

medical Education in the Philippines is the most liked for MBBS programs over US, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Ukraine, the Caribbean, China, and Europe. Because of the incredible nature of medical schooling at relatively moderate ease on a prospectus of Global Standards since it follows a US Based Syllabus! 

UV Gullas Campus and UV Gullas Hostel offices: The Gullas College of Medicine has a cutting edge best in class cooled UV Gulla's lodging inside the UV Gullas grounds with 24-hour security guarantee wellbeing of our students. Indian students accommodate Indian food to ensure that the meeting lion's share of the Indian students who have reached MBBS in the Philippines feels comfortable. The Gullas College of Medicine Campus gloats of students from 16 countries. It anticipates been kicking things off for students to become familiar with the genuine importance of living in the concordance and harmony pre-considered disdain-filled thoughts of life dependent on religion, race, shading, or statement of faith.

Improved and Easy Admission Process:

 The UV Gullas Admissions Process is incredibly streamlined compared to colleges in different nations. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office, India, is in Chennai based out of Guindy. The UV Gullas Admissions Staff in the UV Gullas Admissions Office gives total help and backing all through the UV Gullas affirmation measure. The UV Gullas Admissions is a direct online interaction that guides every one of the guardians and kids to confirm without anyone else's help. The online interaction of finishing the UV Gullas Admission helps in completing. The advising is typically done to – eye to eye or through on the web, in light of wheel the understudy is.

How does UV Gullas College of Medicine remain the Best Philippines Medical College?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is situated in the beautiful Cebu City in the Philippines. For over 50+ years, UV Gullas College of Medicine has dominated in showing the act of medication and drawing out the best in our students. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine readies the students to dominate present-day medication's quick-moving scene through a refreshed American-based (more medical experience-centered) educational plan. UV Gullas College of Medicine has faith in giving our students a solid establishment in biomedical sciences and medical encounters through cutting-edge advances and submitted teaching methods. This has truth be told about UV Gullas medical school graduates working everywhere in the world in different good situations as specialists, specialists, and analysts, with significant compensation bundles! 

UV Gullas College of Medicine has faith in making MBBS training reasonable so that any hopeful understudy can get to it, to turn into a piece of recuperating the world. MBBS degree given by UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines, is licensed by every significant medical body across the globe like MCI, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, USMLE. 

This is the thing that makes UV Gullas College of Medicine a top-notch medical school that gives an MBBS degree at the most reasonable educational expense. That is the reason UV Gullas College of Medicine has been the most loved decision of Indian students to read MBBS abroad throughout the previous ten years. Many Indian students trust UV Gulla's medical school and are right now seeking after their MBBS at UV Gullas medical school grounds.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions

1. Admission process

UV Gullas College of Medicine has excellent involvement with move bunches of unfamiliar students abroad. The affirmation office of the UV Gullas school of medication has an expert group who convey all the interaction of confirmation. They help, guide, and help the students who came to get confirmation. The yearning students pick UV Gullas Medical College to do consider MBBS abroad. The medical hopefuls, who need to consider MBBS abroad, choose between various nations and wind up picking the Philippines medical school. When the medical wannabe decides UV Gullas College of Medicine, the affirmation group will help the applicant from all perspectives. The medical competitor can likewise find support from the medical school to get credits.

2. Documents required

UV Gullas medical school is controlled and run by the University of Visayas Philippines. The worldwide students ought to satisfy some essential prerequisites to get a UV Gullas College of Medicine seat.

·The up-and-comer should pass the 12th examination with half checks in total, and half stamps should be scored in PCB. The applicant who doesn't consider science in the higher optional or comparable assessment won't be qualified to take affirmation in the UV Gullas medical school in the Philippines. The Medical Aspirants from India must have Eligibility in NEET as directed by National Medical Commission to secure an eligibility to Study MBBS in Philippines

Worldwide, students are approached to send the instructive archives, ID evidence, and identification to get Acceptance's notification. The students can send their necessary libraries to info@uvgullasmedicalcollege.com. Students can likewise send their records to the school through WhatsApp on number +91 9944737004. The students can insinuate through E-mail with notice of Acceptance after the confirmation is affirmed. 

  • Mark sheet of the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth. 
  • Passport Copy
  • Contact endorsement 
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Transfer endorsement 
  • NEET concede card and NEET scorecard 
  • Community Certificate
  • Six photos of identification size 
  • Blood test report 
  • Other significant medical reports 
  • The applicant's folks should show the half-year bank articulation with a base equilibrium of Rs. 5 lakhs. 
  • Affidavit for referencing that the guardians assume the liability of expenses for the course of their youngsters. 
  • Additionally Covid-19 vaccination report and latest test report must be submitted.

Every documents must be apostilled properly for students to obtain valid visa to travel to Philippines. Everything ought to be clear and lucid. In the wake of screening the the candidates reports, the students will get an email to advise the affirmation regarding the confirmation alongside a Notice of Acceptance from UV Gullas College of Medicine. In the wake of getting the Notice of Acceptance, the students can convey the further interaction of getting a Visa to concentrate in travelling to Philippines.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in UV Gullas Medical College?

With one of the most significant achievement rates in USMLE and MCI tests, UV Gullas College of Medicine remains one of the top Philippines medical Colleges for medical training in the Philippines and entire of South Asia. We are focused on conveying the most formal request of medical training and medical services experts to the worldwide local area through the famous cautiously calibrated UV Gullas College of Medicine syllabus that demonstrates the Medical Education in the Philippines. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure

 UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a-list MBBS degree at the most reasonable expense structure ever! Indian students would now be able to examine MBBS at just Rs. 17.83 Lakhs for the entire 5.8 years time frame at UV Gullas medical college. This is less expensive than most private schools in India! Furthermore, the living and inn costs in the Philippines are even lower! That is the reason 1000s of Indian students pick UV Gullas College of Medicine to contemplate MBBS in the Philippines. This Philippines medical college fees for international students does not accept any donation or capitation charge from international medical aspirants. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a straightforward and open charge structure.

UV Gullas College of Medicine fees structure is considered to be affordable compared to most Philippines Medical colleges approved by NMC. International students rush for their admissions from UV Gullas due to this specific reason where the college offers world class education at reasonable tuition fee. When compared to premium medical college in Philippines offering medical education to Indian students UV Gullas college of Medicine tuition fee is nominal for International students willing to study MBBS in Philippines.

BS Biology9200 USD6,75,000
Doctor of medicine -MD (1st year)4350 USD2,98000
Doctor of medicine – MD (2nd year)4000 USD2,70,000
Doctor of medicine – MD (3rd year)4000 USD2,70,000
Doctor of medicine – MD (4th year)4000 USD2,70,000
Total25,550 USD17,83,000 INR

Cost of living in the Philippines:

 Cost of living varies from city to city, whether you are in Cebu, Manila or Davao, you will find slight difference, such as Cebu would cost you around 14k to 18k nbucks per month. Whereas, cost of living in Manila is 16k to 25k bucks, however, Davao is similar to that of Cebu. Now, if you talk about Manila which is the capital of Philippines, There are bunches of decisions whether you will lease or purchase. The lodging projects are exceptionally offered in the city. Typically a townhouse or condos that are completely outfitted and have two rooms range from $ 200 – $ 500, relying upon the area, conveniences and assuming it is in the city's core.

Cost of living in Cebu city is quite affordable for international students. When you are more concerned about your spending , you can find so many low cost house or rooms avilable. It is classified as "lodging"; it is a house with loads of rooms to lease. You can pick a room with a washroom or simply a bed, particularly; ordinarily, they utilize a twofold deck, understudies, and a few explorers discover this choice popular in Davao City. You can pick costly cafés, modest eateries, inexpensive food chains or a "carenderia" cheap.  Usually, the electric bill begins at $25 with medium utilization of apparatuses like cooler, TV, clothes washer, lights and electric fan with no AC.

The water bill likewise relies upon the utilization; for the most part, our bill begins at $16 each month. Furthermore, for your web association, you can pick broadband or a wired bundle there are $25 – $120. On your versatile, you can have an arrangement for as low as $23 with free content and local call.

Davao or Manila's significant transportation is LRT (Light Rail Transit), MRT (Metro Rail Transit), transport, taxi and jeepney. LRT admission begins at $0.4, relying upon the distance. Also, generally in the provincial zones, tricycle and bike are the effective methods of transportation. Jeepneys are the most well-known type of public transportation in the Philippines; it has no cool and open windows.

Normally it is over-burden; two travelers in front adjacent to the driver, 16-20 individuals in the jeepney's back and certain travelers holding tight the jeepney's rear! Traffic is the most well-known issue here, particularly since the legislatures are dealing with the street augmenting project. There are loads of public emergency clinics that offer let loose, broad; check and, surprisingly, dental examinations. Yet, if you need to visit a private specialist, it begins at $10. Philippine Health, generally known as Philhealth is the health care coverage program; it is a good medical service. You can discover heaps of government emergency clinics in the city and the provincial regions.

Cebu is truly liveable. Preferable lifestyle over in more modest urban communities and loaded with favorable circumstances. The moderately lesser average cost for basic items than Manila as well. To say that the typical cost for basic items here is similar to the US puzzled me. You need to know the correct spots and not go through like a one-day mogul; endurance without consuming openings in your pocket is truly conceivable. It's a standard. The traffic is deteriorating, yet generally speaking, it is probably the best spot to live in.

On the off chance that you, theoretically, ate cheap food dinners completely for each supper 7days every week, that would be; generally, you'd get a normal 50php-150php per feast. Transportation is 8php per way using the jeepney. Go live close to your college, and you will not need to burn through 8php; walk.

No Language Barrier: 

As referenced before, nations like Russia and China will have their local language where patients won't know English. The correspondence hole is made between the students and the patients, and consequently, it turns out to be amazingly hard to comprehend the patients' specific issue. On the opposite, the Philippines is an English talking country, and along these lines settling on it the best option among students who decide to consider MBBS abroad. 

Food and hostel expenses: 

Campus facilities are furnished alongside good food for all students who enlist with the UV Gullas College of Medicine. Equipped with a broad scope of offices, UV Gullas Medical College lodging guarantees that the students are housed in a home away from home. Traditional ethnic Indian cooking is served to fulfill the desire for home food. Wi-Fi is accessible nonstop to students where they can benefit from fast Internet in cover. A gigantic report corridor urges students to team up and work better. There are isolated housekeeping staffs to tidy up the rooms and washrooms. Clothing offices are accessible at an ostensible expense where students are given extra limits on their understudy Id cards' accommodation. Clean drinking water is made accessible through a water purifier outfitted with RO innovation. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine – Top choice for Indian students to study MBBS

For students to concentrate in the Philippines from different nations, it is prescribed to offer an intensive read of their respective country's guidance in the Philippines. This will give the information and a total point of view of the Medical Institutions in the Philippines. 

After you clear the placement test, you need to continue picking a school that best suits you. You can follow specific rules while choosing a College. Following the Medical College's standing and the encouraging system they follow will assist an understudy with discovering what they are looking for. 

Most of the Colleges are Universities that are partnered with medical clinics where they permit the students to prepare themselves for medical practice. You can likewise search for Colleges that offer coaching for FMGE-Foreign Medical Graduate Exam during the medical course. 

The foundation and library and in-grounds inn offices are likewise an unquestionable requirement check. Since students come from everywhere globally, the accessibility of different foods with both veggie lovers and non-vegan cooking is also required by the decisions. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Offers Highly secure 24×7 CCTV observation Separate young men and young ladies in offices in-grounds with complete security. Gullas College of Medicine is profoundly gotten with CCTV camera, and severe order is authorized for International students. The lodging has all offices that International students need to have a pleasant stay. There is a different report territory for young men and young ladies, who kept up for students to get ready for their tests and tasks. UVGCM inn offers completely cooled rooms according to the prerequisite of the International students. UV Gullas Medical school inn is exceptional with all essential requirements for students to agree with their examinations.

Perceived by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India, the Philippines Medical College confers magnificent training on medication, dentistry, and nursing. The establishment imagines unfurling quality training to a broad scope of students in the coming future.