UV Gullas College of Medicine Hospitals

The college has tied up with renowned hospitals in the Philippines to provide students with internships. Students get to work and gain experience in how the real work occurs at hospitals. They learn to manage patients, know more about diseases. A clerkship at the UV Gullas College of Medicine can earn students an internship across several countries such as the United States, India, and the UK.

Internships opportunities in the Philippines itself, give higher exposure as compared to foreign medical graduate programs. This is due to enforced statutory regulations that make students undertake internships in both government and private medical sectors. The UV Gullas College of Medicine provides un-compromised education quality and excellent clinical rotation in hospitals. The UV Gullas College of Medicine paves the way to success for every deserving student and is also regarded as one of the superior gateways for those who aspire to study and live in the USA. Let’s have a brief look at the benefits of doing an internship during a medical degree:

Opportunity to work with professionals.

A medical internship gives you a chance of working with professional doctors and nurses. As a medical, pre-med, or nursing student, you can learn a lot from them, at a hospital or healthcare center. There you have to deal with hundreds of patients with different health issues, each day. You’ll learn to handle an emergency and also the art of dealing with different kinds of patients. Experienced medical practitioners will surely inspire you to do better work. You can clear your doubts and ask for help, and a piece of advice from them, as and when required.

 You’ll know about the Medical Conditions of Third World countries.

Medical internship opportunities are often provided in Third World countries, where the availability of resources is limited. However, the medical staff here have learned the art of making the best out of limited resources. This helps fresh doctors to be able to work even in the toughest of conditions. You may interact with the medical professionals to get a better insight into healthcare systems.

Figure out areas of interest:

During the internship, students can get to choose their preferred departments like orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, physiotherapy, and much more. You will get to understand whether the work suits your interest or not. After gaining experience during the internship, you can go opt for studying further and get specializing in that particular area in which you’re interested.

An internship will boost your career:

For medical students, getting experiential learning is very important. Having an internship experience with a reputed organization will boost your career tremendously. It will add all stars to your CV. And, the experience will help you while dealing with patients, at different stages of life. An internship at a hospital living your dreams will be one of the best learning experiences you’ll ever have!

Internship Benefits Provided by Gullas College of Medicine

The Philippines stands as one of the best places to study MBBS. Due to the high-quality education offered by the medical Colleges, the affordable fee structure, and safety. The curriculum in the Philippines institute enables the students to undergo internships in both private and government hospitals. For the superior quality of education and outstanding clinical rotation in hospitals, the UV Gullas College of Medicine is considered one of the best colleges to pursue MBBS.


The University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine provides students with internships in private hospitals. The interns are given an in-depth knowledge of operational workflow, functioning systems, and other work space skills of an ideal hospital. The hospitals help students to get intense exposure to handling generic diseases. Students also learn about the advanced technology utilized to address different health conditions.


Government Infrastructure allows the students to probe into the studies of rare diseases, their origin, and how they spread among the people. The interns get acquainted with dealing with epidemics. The students at UV Gullas College of Medicine get to practice in government hospitals during their clinical rotation. The hospital has 24 hours incoming patients where students get a better experience of the most tropical and common diseases. 

Vincent Sotto Memorial Medical Centre

Vincent Sotto Memorial Medical Centre is a multi speciality hospital with 800 beds. The medical center is owned by the Philippine Government. The hospital aims at providing health care services that are available, affordable, accessible and acceptable to all regardless of any social status. The hospital started operating in early 1911 known as the Hospital del Sur and was later formally established on April 11, 1913.

At present, the Vincent Sotto Memorial Medical Centre is carrying out the development of Specialty and Subspecialties departments under the different clinical branches. These Speciality and Subspecialties include General Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Urologic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics Gynecology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, Pathology, Psychiatry, Radiology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Emergency Medicine (which is the first of its kind outside Metro Manila); Family Medicine and Pediatrics, Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Dental Services Unit and the National Voluntary Blood Services Program.

While interning at this college the students of UV Gullas College of Medicine interact with various patients, deal with the real time medical sector and gather a wide spectrum of knowledge.

Chong Hua Medical Centre

With 660 beds and an integrated healthcare system, the Chong Hua Medical Centre comprises world-class faculties and services.

Chong Hua Hospital is one of the most famous hospitals in Cebu and it is owned and managed by Asociación Benévola de Cebu.

The hospital has world-class facilities and uses an integrated healthcare system to provide high profile customer care. This hospital is an 11 storied tall twin tower building located near the Fuente Osmeña Circle, a city landmark.

The hospital is very famous and a legacy created by experienced doctors and staff. This is a multi-specialty hospital that has modern operation theatres and best of the world equipment.

Students enjoy interning at this hospital as it has high quality surroundings and modern facilities.

Perpetual Succour Hospital

The Perpetual Soccour Hospital is situated in Gorondo Avenue, Cebu City. With a working capacity of 372 beds, the hospital is a Catholic, private, not for profit, non-stock corporation, Level III, General, Training and Education Health Care Facility. It was established around 1968 and was managed by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartre.

Already tutoring more than 40,000 students on an average, this institution is a full-fledged general hospital that employs more than 4,000 teaching and non-teaching staff.

The university and medical center is spread across 9 campuses and has been rendering world-class service over the past 4 decades.

PSHM offers a wide array of services like Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgical, and Advanced medical treatments. Currently, PSH’s Hospital Administrator continues the legacy with world class and highly specialized health care system in cardiac, cancer, kidney, and physical rehabilitation. The hospital is uniquely recognized for its tradition of excellence, technological leadership, compassionate and holistic patient care.

An affiliate of the UV Gullas College of Medicine- UV College of Nursing, the Perpetual Soccour Hospital also aids in the training of future nurses. Continuous renovations and expansions promise a comfortable ambiance to promote modern health care. These factors make one of the most eminent private hospitals in Cebu City today. Interning at this hospital will definitely make medical students skilled in their profession.

CDU Hospital

Cebu Doctors’ University (CDU) is an academic health science oriented institution composed of a graduate school, eight colleges, and the Senior High School. The original idea of constructing a hospital that could be considered as a Modern Medical Centre in this part of the Philippines and which could be controlled by the physicians themselves in order to give the utmost convenience and well-being to the patients had been the brainchild of Dr. Jose Borromeo.

He was instrumental in grouping together 30 doctors who organized themselves into the hospital project in the latter half of 1962. In 2004, the CHED or Commission on Higher Education granted it a University Status. It is the first non-sectarian university in the Visayas to be granted the Autonomous Status, the highest status a university can get from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

The hospital offers a variety of Senior High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, and College of Medicine programs for medical aspirants. CDU Hospital also encompasses impeccable student guidance centers. An internship at this institution enables medical students to do their best in their profession. Besides, possessing various edge cutting medical technology, the hospital has other comfortable facilities such as fully air-conditioned rooms, 24-hour security, Wi-Fi, and CCTV surveillance.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has tie-ups with the state of the art medical institutions in the Philippines. The college provides internships for students at these hospitals for an outstanding experience. These internships add value to the skill set and improve the CV alongside. Thus, choosing the UV Gullas College of Medicine is a fair choice for talented medical aspirants. Hurry up! Admissions are open for 21-22 batches. Get to know more from here.