Why Should I Select the UV Gullas College of Medicine?

With 100+ Years of Existence, a rank of Top 3 Best Medical Colleges, the Gullas College has a legacy. The most renowned Medical doctors are UV Graduates.

Where is the UV Gullas College of Medicine located?

The college is located at Banilad, Mandaue City, 6014, Cebu, Philippines.

What is the name of the course of Medicine in the Philippines?

The undergraduate program in medicine is called MD (Doctor of Medicine) which is equivalent to MBBS in India.

What is the eligibility for UV Gullas College of medicine admissions?

International students who wish to study MBBS in Philippines from UV Gullas College of Medicine must have completed their higher secondary school of education with Biology as their subject. Students must have 50% marks in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Do I have to give any entrance exams for enrolling in the MD program at the UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, students who wish to study MBBS in the Philippines should have to take NMAT exams before MD. But, any minimum score condition is not mandatory for foreign students, only appearance is mandatory for the exam.

In India, what is the validity of the medical degree obtained in the Philippines?

The medical degree is recognized as equal to an MBBS by the Medical Council of India(MCI). For verification, one can check the website of the Indian Embassy in the Philippines.

Can I get a scholarship to the UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, at the UV Gullas College of Medicine, foreign students are eligible for scholarships based on their NMAT SCORE and later Based on their grades of the semester. Students in BS will not be eligible for any scholarships.

Can a student avail of the educational loan for the UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, educational loans are available from all nationalized banks. The students have to apply directly at the place of their permanent residence.

Is there any hostel facility available in the UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Yes, separate hostel facilities are available for both boys and girls.

Will I be able to adapt to the hostel facilities in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines?

The college makes sure that each of the students has a comfortable stay. Especially for Indian students, we have separate hostel facilities with Indian cuisine.

What is BS-MD?

In the Philippines, medical education is based on the US pattern. Thus, the MD(Doctor of Medicine) is done after a BS (Bachelor of Science). Generally, BS is for one and a half years whereas MD is for four years. Therefore, BS-MD takes 5 Years and 8 Months in the Philippines, which is equivalent to an MBBS in India.

Is BS-MD a dual degree course?

Yes. BS-MD course is a dual degree course as you get two degrees, one of BS and another of an MD.

Am I eligible to practice in India, after obtaining a medical degree in the Philippines?

After obtaining the degree, it is mandatory for the students who have studied in the Philippines or abroad to pass the examination conducted by the Medical Council Of India(MCI) to practice freely in India. It is the norms as laid down by MCI.

What are the criteria for Indian students to get UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions?

For the undergraduate program (BS-MD), 50% marks are needed in class twelve (10+2) with Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The Indian students must qualify NEET.

I have less than 50% in science, am I eligible to apply?

Students having below 50% in science are not eligible to do the medicine program.

Do Indian banks give loans to students studying in the Philippines?

Yes. Indian students can avail bank loans for their medical education in Philippines.

Is there any refund of fees if a student cannot continue further studies?

There is no policy of refund in any fees once the student is admitted.

Where is the Indian Admission office of the UV Gullas College of Medicine located?

The Authorized Indian admission office for UV Gullas College of Medicine is located in No.1/54-29 Butt road
St.Thomas Mount,
Chennai, Tamilnadu,
India 600016.

What is the difference between MBBS and MD?

The only difference is that an MBBS course follows the British system of education whereas MD follows the American system of Education. The degrees are considered equal in stature. For more information, you may refer to the ECFMG list of degrees, recognized from different countries.

What is the currency of the Philippines? How can I keep or exchange money?

The currency of the Philippines is called “Peso”. Students can keep money in cash or traveler’s checks initially. Later the students can have all kinds of bank transactions after opening a bank account. Debit cards and credit cards are accepted by major hotels, restaurants and stores. One can find ATMs on almost every street.

I have made some minor mistakes in my Application, is there any way to correct them?

You may inform about the minor mistake committed in your application at the time of interview and submit the valid proof in original along with one set of the photocopy to support your claim. If you have made any major mistake in your application that may affect your application shortlisting, then register a fresh application. You can get complete guidance by connecting to UV Gullas Collège of Medicine admission office.

Is the Philippines safe for girls?

The Philippines is one of the best places for medical education for girls. It is a female dominated society, where you would find females working in all possible workplaces. More than 60% of the population is females there. Thus, the Philippines is the safest choice for girls.

What kind of weather is there in the Philippines?

The Philippines in general has tropical weather. It is quite similar to that of Indian weather, the average temperature around the year is between 28 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius.

Are people in the Philippines friendly?

The people in the Philippines are friendly and lively. The Philippines is known for its hospitality. The place is multi-cultured. People have a warm gesture for foreigners, which makes the international students very relaxed and comfortable.

How’s the affordability of the Philippines as compared to India?

The Philippines is an affordable place as per Indian standards. The cost of living for the students is not much higher here. The total fee involved in the MD course is much cheaper than it is in India. In general, maximum Rs. 32-35 Lakh will be required for 5 Year and 8 months, which includes Tuition Fee, Hotel and Mess Expenditures, Books, Tool Kits, VISA fee, Local transportation, International Airfares (3-5 times), etc.

How does the UV Gullas College of medicine ensure safety for students during the COVID-19 pandemic?

At the UV Gullas College of Medicine, we have switched all our works like lectures, inquiries, and even fee payments – to online platforms. Sanitizers and safety equipment are made available at every corner of our campus. The entire campus is sanitized regularly. No outsiders are allowed inside the campus.

How much is UV Gullas College of medicine tuition fee 2021 – 2022?

MBBS in Philippines fees -UV Gullas College of Medicine fees structure 2021 - 2022

UV Gullas College of medicine fees structure for Academic year 2021 – 2022 is 25,550 USD for total course duration of 5 year and 8 months.