History of UV Gullas Medical College

Indian students with doctor dreams in UV Gullas Medical College campus

UV Gullas Medical College accepts that the research in medical field which is an incredible combination of science, innovation, experience and tests, that empower students to ease human torment and to endure any place on the planet, it might happen. At its best, it is a journey to improve the human condition and help make future achieved specialists through the high-level schedule instructed through MBBS in the Philippines. To contemplate medication at UV Gullas College of Medicine is to set up a medical Student to assume the main part in this journey. 

The Gullas Medical College endeavors to propel human wellbeing through a fourfold mission of schooling, research, patient consideration and public assistance since 1977. The UV Gullas Medical College is a subsidiary to a centenarian College, the University of the Visayas. College of the Visayas began its capacity in 1919. Once eradicated to rubble during the universal conflict, the University of the Visayas has the mind-boggling history of ascending from its remains to get perhaps the best Philippines Medical Colleges it is today. 

Situated in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu in a generally helpful climate for learning and grant, the Gullas College of Medicine and the Gullas Medical Center has today gotten one of the focuses of greatness for therapeutic examinations in all of South Asia. At UV Gullas Medical College, we consolidate educational methodologies that encourage dynamic learning and basic reasoning, prior medical experience, progressed medical and essential/populace science encounters, and an insightful venture that will permit each understudy to design an individual pathway to their degree in medication.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine grounds houses the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, the Gullas Medical College, the UV Gullas College of Nursing, the Gullas College of Dentistry, VIP Gullas College of Music, the Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center and the upcoming Cosmetic Surgery Center including other wellbeing related courses. The variety and accessibility of offices in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus give our students a 360-degree experience that gives them a worldwide edge as far as experience and openness. 

For more than forty years, the Gullas College of Medicine has dominated in showing the act of medication and drawing out the best in our students, accordingly getting evaluated as one among the highest level medical universities in the Philippines, as shown in Wikipedia. The UV Gullas College of Medicine gets ready students to dominate in the quickly changing scene of current medication through the unique Gullas College of Medicine curriculum grounded in the investigation of driving biomedical science and medical experience, a wide variety of degree program decisions. A past filled with the advancement that has brought about our alumni working everywhere in the world in different decent situations as specialists, specialists and analysts. 

University of Visayas

University of the Visayas has an extraordinary legacy of 100 years, right now with eight grounds and an area-wide framework made out of both advanced education programs and a few lower-level lab schools. UV Gullas College of Medicine is part of the University of Visayas alongside other medical related administrations of the college to be specific Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Gullas College of Medicine, UV College of Nursing, Gullas College of Dentistry, Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center, a forthcoming Cosmetic Surgery Center, and other wellbeing related courses. The grounds in Punta Engano, Lapulapu City, have a port for the Maritime College’s viable preparing adrift. 

Begun in 1919, the University of the Visayas has since gotten one of the significant instructive, scholarly and research center points of South Asia. The University of the Visayas is focused on a pragmatic way to deal with picking up, engaging students with cutting-edge advancements and worldwide norms of exploration. Throughout the long term, Philippines MBBS College have become favored objections to consider MBBS abroad to be an English-speaking country, an obligation to quality, and consistent help to students. The variety of students present on the University of the Visayas Campus from everywhere the world makes your instructive excursion a really worldwide encounter. The University of the Visayas can securely flaunt a sum of 35,000 students around from across the Globe and from the Philippines concentrating in its schools. 

The UV Gullas Medical College itself stands declaration to the Global Experience on account of the variety present on the UV Gullas Campus. The UV Gullas Hostels present in the UV Gullas Campus likewise stands observer to the Medical company. On the UV Gullas Campus, there are elite UV Gullas Hostels for young men and young ladies. The students who go onto the grounds to contemplate, at present, come from 16 countries. The understudy’s day celebrated on Feb fourteenth, 2020, stands declaration to that reality. We don’t have political separation, neither do we have segregation between anyone in the name of shading, position, ideology or root. The UV Gullas Campus immovably represents equivalent freedom for everybody and has confidence in serving humankind with adoration – Amor, Servitium, Humanitas.

Strategic Goals

The techniques and activities explained in the Uv Gullas College of Medicine Strategic Plan recommend the overall outline for the school’s following period of development. This essential arrangement expands on past COM vital plans. The college’s main goal is thorough, its vision aggressive, its objectives testing, and its basic beliefs unambiguous. This essential arrangement is a guide for the fate of schooling, exploration, and patient consideration, which will keep on coordinating the school in understanding its goals.


 It is our vision at UV Gullas College of Medicine to furnish each capable understudy with availability to useful, high-grade learns at moderate expenses! At UV Gullas College of Medicine, we try to improve instructive reachability through advancement and procedure while, in any event, adding to upgrade in personal satisfaction for meriting people. 


UV Gullas College of Medicine plans to change society through medication! We unequivocally accept that we assume a critical part in the transformation by bestowing greatness through medical training programs. These are intended to send cutting-edge clinicians and experts who will be praiseworthy good examples by their own doing. While cultivating high uprightness, the yields of UV Gullas Medical College include genuineness, responsibility, reliability, and specialized curiosity. With characteristic arranging and association, UV Gullas Medical College instills greatness in each understudy to give viable, creative, responsive, and suitable arrangements.

Core Values: 

Greatness that is reflected in the imaginative direct and headway of training, exploration and patient consideration. 

  • Regard for people who are subsidiary with, or interact with, Indiana University School of Medicine: staff, students, occupants, colleagues, workforce, staff, accomplices, networks, patients and families. 
  • Honesty that accepts the best expectations of moral conduct and commendable good character. 
  • A variety that is reflected in activities that like all people. 


 The “work culture” of an association is a result of its set of experiences, customs, qualities, and vision. 

  • The opportunity for every one of us to give full articulation to our thoughts and arrive at our maximum capacity. 
  • Individual uprightness and genuineness. 
  • We perceive our students as an expansion of the UV Gullas College’s family.
  • Participation that is showed by collegial correspondence and cooperation.


Life as an understudy at the UV Gullas College of Medicine inn is an exceptional encounter loaded with learning, solace and happiness. Alongside the wellbeing, security and solace given by our superb grounds offices at UV Gullas College of Medicine in, we additionally guarantee our students appreciate a solid way of life with the various games offices, social fests, chipping in exercises – there truly is a movement for everybody! 

Affirmations are currently open for 2020-21. Limited seats. Rush to begin your excursion at the top-notch UV Gullas College of Medicine at a low educational expense. 

Understudy life is an existence of investigation and learning. What’s more, learning doesn’t stop with the study halls. UV Gullas College of Medicine puts stock in all-encompassing discovering that makes the upcoming medical experts who are educated and compassionate pioneers. students at UV Gullas College of Medicine lodging are gotten through all year exercises in our games clubs, social clubs, and local area administration openings. Our students have discovered these exercises also make their list of references look great, which gets them job openings with significant compensation bundles & higher training open doors in other global colleges. 

Live an elegant, friendly, and solid way of life at UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus, which accompanies a cutting-edge framework and steady resources/staff.

UV Gullas College of Medicine: The Best Place to Fulfill Your Dream

Millions of aspirants aim to become a doctor every year. Besides being hardworking and intelligent, a student needs the degree of a top-notch university to emerge as a proficient doctor. When a student dreams to study in abroad, several factors become obstacles in the way of fulfilling that dream.

UV Gullas Medical College is undeniably the best institute for bringing out the competent doctors. Here are the reasons why the University of Visaiyas Gullas College is one of the best colleges in the world for medical studies.

UV Gullas College of Medicine – Benefits 

  • One among 10 Doctors in the US are from the Philippines. 
  • No Language Barrier. 
  • American instruction framework with involved medical practice 
  • No basic passageway test and Affordable Tuition charge. 
  • Simple Payment Schemes. 
  • Solid and Nurturing Environment. 
  • Bunches of Indian students. 
  • Comparable heat and humidity as India. 
  • Over 90% achievement rate in MCI screening test. 
  • Genuinely appeared as one of the Top and Best Philippines MBBS college.