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Proven  Tips To Become the Best Medical Student – Dr.Herald Miller


Dr.Herald Miller

Students have to study rigorously, especially in medical schools. Students should have a strong focus and passion to become the best medical student. MBBS students with proper planning and strategy for studying can lead to his/her goal.  Students get practical knowledge about medicine by actively engaging in theory classes, practical sessions, and social activities as a volunteer and can get a mentor who establishes the relationship between patients and the students.

Dr.Herald Miller a successful Ortho Surgeon who is a Philippines Medical Graduate gives some tips to be a successful medical student. Students choosing Medical field must be fit and fine physically as well as mentally for enhanced learning. So to become the best medical students need to take all-round care. The following proven tips are going to help you fulfill your dreams strategically:

Have Strong Determination for MBBS

The first thing for any student is to have a strong focus on medicine. Students must focus on the coursework to become the best student. MBBS is a very tough and high-priority course so the students have to focus to set a goal in mind. You will be distracted by various things like social media activities, movies, and sometimes by your neighbors and friends which will lead towards the opposite direction from the goal. So try to be focused and aim to become the best medical student. Remember “A fool with a plan is better off than a genius without a plan!”.

Use Improved Learning Method 

What’s the best MBBS self-study strategy?

One of the best ways of learning is self-study. Self-study is essential for MBBS students because in the medical field lots of things and notes have to be studied. By self-study, you can know your weakness, in which subject or topic you are weak or strong. Self-study keeps you ahead of other students. Self-study keeps your mind sharp and self-aware. Self-study keeps you updated. You can take help from campus resources that help in self-study i.e you can take books from the library and notes from the teachers that will help you a lot. Try to go through the things discussed in the classes the same day. Do not pile up things!

Is coaching needed for MBBS?

Coaching is another important way of study. You cannot learn everything by self-study, you need some guidance while studying MBBS, so coaching is the best option. You should choose coaching with the best faculty and pass percentages. By taking tuition you can understand the concept or by which method a question is solved and you can clarify all doubts in coaching. By taking coaching you can get all the notes, and problem-solving ability and also you will get tips about your medical career and studies. Coaching also gives counseling and faculty members like a mentor who will guide you in medical study. 

Revision is the key to success in MBBS

Revision is a kind of memorizing notes and other study material by repetitive study. You should revise all notes and related study material provided by the coaching or by faculty of the respective subject or made by yourself every day. It helps you stay ahead of the exam preparation.

There are many other ways of learning. Simple ways such as making a proper timetable of study, proper strategies of study and going to classes regularly, being active during practical sessions, preparing proper notes on subjects, and doing class work regularly. You can also try tutoring which means you can be a tutorial buddy for others and test yourself how much you know about that subject or topic. You should test yourself from time to time by practicing questions or giving practice tests.

Be Punctual

Students should be punctual about their medical careers. There should be a proper plan and time management for MBBS study. Attend classes on time, do not miss crucial topics. You should regularly make class notes and revise them without fail. You should be regular in class and complete classwork on time. If you are not regular in class, that can affect your grades and goals, so be regular in class.


Mentorship is valuable for both mentor and mentee. As you enter medical school, you feel like someone is there with you to guide you during the course. If any person is mentoring you then the mentor gives you all tips and guidance that help to become a good medical student. If you provide mentorship to other students that will show you a leadership quality and help clarify your own doubts sometimes. This mentorship quality leads to becoming the best medical student. The mentor can be anyone like your teachers, parents, friend and sometimes relatives also. You should always ask for help if you are facing some problems. Do not collect problems in your head, try to solve them. 

Take Part In Social Activities

As a medical student, you should engage in social activity. You should always contact some medical organizations. You should engage like a volunteer or seek volunteer opportunities in a medical school that helps in learning practical experience with members of your community. Volunteering can also provide mentorship or a way to find mentors in practical life that connect you with doctors in areas and establish relationships between you and people in the outside program in medical school. This activity helps in building up your resume and makes more networking for practical experience. These types of activities help you to build a strong career in medicine. What if the people whom you network with might give you a golden opportunity?

Health and wellness

You should give time to yourself while studying for MBBS. You should balance your academic and personal life. Take proper care of your health. At the end of the day relax completely to help your body rejuvenate. You should take care of your physical as well as mental health. Refrain from eating junk food, if you don’t eat healthy food then you will get sick which will affect your goal. You must also take care of your body by doing some meditation, exercises that keep your body fit and fine. You should also take a break from study time to time and enjoy yourself with friends and family which keeps you motivated. Go for a vacation or a weekend trip for enjoyment. You can opt for some extra activities while studying MBBS that gives you a non stressful life like writing, reading novels, singing and dancing or playing some sports or doing something relaxing. The important takeaway from this is that as a medical student make sure that you should have time for both study and relaxation.

Avoid Cramming

Cramming kills curiosity. Cramming is terrible for every student. Every student waits until the last minute for the test preparation. As a medical student, your goal is to become a good doctor. The classes you are taking in medical school cover all complex topics. Cramming is not good for study because it allows information memorization in the short term only. So students should avoid cramming by doing regular classes, revising notes regularly and doing homework on time. This will help you to avoid cramming at exam time.

Stay Connected with Family and Friends

Family and friends play an important role in reaching your goals. You should always be in touch with them. Parents are the first teacher or mentors that guided you to that position. You should share your thoughts with your parents and friends to take up suggestions because this will help you clear your mind. You should also take some tips and advice about your study and medical career. 

Prepare Early for License Exam

Students who pursue MBBS or other Medical Careers should start preparing for licensing exams early. You can start preparation from the first year of medical schools like USMLE and FMGE under the guidance of any teachers or mentors. It helps lessen the burden and makes you confident about studies. You can practice mock exams and attend conferences, seminars or counseling related to exam preparation.

Have a student friendly environment

What type of environment did you live in? If you live in a study-friendly environment, then it gives you extra confidence in your MBBS study. If the environment near you is not good enough, it will hinder you in studying, your mind shifts and thinks in the wrong way. So for focusing on your target you should live in a good or study-friendly environment. Try having a quiet study room or go to the library for studies. 

Be confident & stay away from comparison

Comparison kills joy. Most students do not trust themselves because they think whatever decision they take might be wrong. This shows that they have less confidence in themselves. For success in life or in the medical career, you should be self-confident and have faith over your decision. You should trust your decision and you should not compare yourself with others. Your way of learning and living style will be different from others, so do not compare with others or do not copy another study method. You should have your own method of study that will help you in becoming the best medical student or building the best medical career.


So, now that you know the go-to tips, create the best medical career for yourself. Stay consistent with these tips and use them thoroughly. Slowly, you will find that the tiny changes and efforts can benefit you in the long run. Dr.Herald also suggests every medical practitioner to have an eye over doing masters which will be essential to reach great heights in the coming days. All the best!

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